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News Release: June 20, 2005

Xtreme 4x4 TV and iMPAKS take on Tellico

 That is correct iMPAKS.com was invited to go wheeling with Xtreme 4x4 TV to help break in 2 of there project rigs (The Cheap Jeep & Project AJ)

  So what happens when you put 8 seasoned rigs, and 2 New Project Rigs together for a weekend at a highly-difficult OHV off-road park? You get the Xtreme 4x4 TV Shake Down Run.  The plan was to run as many trails as possible.  With great weather and a good crowd this was looking to be an awesome weekend.

  With the support of iMPAKS, LLC; Ellis Off Road; Carolina Rock Shop; and 4x4 Review we set out to assist Xtreme 4x4 TV in the Shake down run in any way possible.

  When everyone arrived at the trail entrance at 8:00 am we all learned very quickly that TV-time is very different than real-world-time. We all arrived at 8:30am and finally headed out at 10:30am all eager to hit the trails and have some fun. The weather was fair and about 70 degrees.  By the afternoon it had warmed up to the high 80’s / 90’s. We hit the trails and headed up trail 1, to trail 5, then to trail 4 and up to SlickRock. Since this was the 1st time for the Xtreme 4x4 TV rigs to even drive on the road let alone on the trails they did have to get a few bugs worked out of them. The Project AJ ended up having a bad alternator. After many stops trying to fix it we decided to drive/tow it out. Since I was the Tail-Gunner I volunteered to help Get the AJ and Ian, the host of Xtreme 4x4 TV, off the mountain so we can get a new alternator.  Everyone else headed up to SlickRock. .

  As the day wound down, The Cheap Jeep and all the others had a great time going up SlickRock and then turning around and coming back down (all for good TV) as Ian, John Herr and I struggled to get the Project AJ off of the trails. We eventually got it out but man if you could have seen the Jerry Rigging we did you would have laughed your butt off.  



  The next morning a lot of the rigs had a few things to fix so some worked on their rigs while others played on the rock garden at Crawford’s Campground. At about 2pm we headed out to run Lower 2 and get some good TV film. Since we left so late some had to head out of town so we only head up lower 2 with 6 rigs total.

  Again I took up Tail-Gunner  position to make sure all of us made it… and what would ya know the Cheap Jeep’s (that Jesse, other host for Xtreme 4x4 TV, was driving) battery was not charging so I started my Jeep up and took out my battery and swapped it with hers so she could drive on a fully charged battery and my Jeep would charge hers.

  Well it worked… but, I just could not turn my Jeep off all day. We finally caught up to everyone else and to everyone’s surprise we all drove up Lower 2 with out pulling cable or straps until Jesse broke the rear Dana 20 u-bolt straps. So we got the winch out and strapped her up to the top and everyone else after her still drove right up with no problems.

  Since we all got to the top so quick and we still had some day light, 4 us decided to head to Upper 2. Funny part is we did not even get one picture because we never got out of our rigs.  The 4 of us just drove the entire trail with no problem at all (well I did take out my rear tail light on a rock- no biggee).

  All in all we had a GREAT weekend and would love to do it again.I must admit that Ian and Jesse have the best jobs in the world. The coolest part about them and their jobs was that they were so laid back and just all around great people to hang out with, wrench with, and chat with..  Lastly,their producer and camera guys were great to work with as well.

A BIG THANK YOU goes out to Xtreme 4x4 TV, Ian, Jesse, Tom, Moe and Hutch.Thanks for letting us tag along and we hope to do it again someday.

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As always Tread lightly and be safe.
  -Editor/Owner Ken Carter aka: BRUISER


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