Tellico ORV Park

Trip Report -- 3 Jeeps(Ken, Lonnie, and Jeff) and 1 Bronco(Rob) traveled to Murphy, North Carolina for several days (October 3-5, 2000) for some extreme 4-wheeling. 

Well of course there was some carnage, but one expects that with Tellico. That's why you pay your $5/day to the Forest Service! All-in-all, though, the group faired well and everyone (to my knowledge) went home on their own power - or could have, but preferred to save tread and load up on a trailer. The weather even agreed with us: it was sunny the entire time (making the dust terrible on the access road).

Before we even got into 4WD, Rob in his Bronco had to do some minor adjustments, and also change all of his street tire out so he could run his swampers for the weekend.

We all stayed together: So we could all tackle more of the land more efficiently. On day 1, we started at Trail 4 and then went on to Trail 5 and later Trail 9 (Slick Rock). We started Slick Rock at 2pm and those 3 or so Jeeps took til a bit after 6pm before we were all out of there. Hotel by 8:30pm. The day's toll for us ws nothing but a few small knicks.

Day 2 was a little more aggressive. We went on Trail 2, which could possibly be the toughest trail in the park. The lower section's Rock Garden took most of the day. Ten Jeeps or so started from the hotel at 8:30 am, and got off Trail 2 at 5pm. Now that's a day's work! But they weren't done yet.

They went on to do the ever-popular Guard Rail, a steep, sick, and hideously off-camber short section of large rocks. The day's toll: one front axle(bronco), one rear driveshaft (another Jeep on the trail), paint, rear quarter panels(form helicopter pad), etc.

Some Tellico lessons:

  • The Dana 44 is very very strong.
  • The Dana 60 makes a lovely dirt-spreader and rock-hitter.
  • Winches are your friends.
  • Do Tellico on a weekday so as to lessen the head-on traffic, which could be a major CF depending on trail and group size.
  • Have a map with you.
  • Bring lunch AND dinner.
  • Murphy isn't in a dry county any more.

HOW TO GET THERE -- Telllico is in Murphy, North Carolina.

DIFFICULTY -- Tellico has a little of everything to throw at you from the mild to the wild. I have heard of many rollovers and a lot of carnage done to Jeeps on this trail. Be prepared for anything.

To see some pics of some of us and a few others there