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News Release: Oct 27, 2005

Ellis Rock Racing takes on Super Crawl in Las Vegas

 That is correct iMPAKS.com was asked to put up some pics as the Team from Ellis Rock Racing tries their luck at SuperCrawl in Las Vegas.

  So as long as we keep getting pics sent to us we will keep the photo album up to date all weekend. We wish everyone the best of luck and pray for a safe return home.

  With the support of iMPAKS, LLC; Ellis Off Road; Ramsey Winch, BF Goodrich, Corbeau, and Nick's Trix Rob Ellis has set out to try his had at one of the toughest Man made Rock Courses ever seen.

 Rob's Tow Rig Drivers (Andy and Keith) left Tuesday morning from North Carolina and arrived at noon Thursday in Vegas with plenty of time to unload and get the buggy ready for the Tech check in
I must say that is a lot of driving in a short time.. A huge thanks goes out to them for helping Rob and getting his Buggy out there.

 To see more Pics Click Below

 Photo 1
 Photo 2
 Photo 3
 Photo 4
 Photo 5
 Photo 6
 Photo 7
 Photo 8
 Photo 9
 Photo 10
 Photo 11
 Photo 12
 Photo 13
 Photo 14
 Photo 15
 Photo 16
 Photo 17
 Photo 18
 Photo 19
 Photo 20

 Photo 21

As always Tread lightly and be safe.
  -Editor/Owner Ken Carter aka: BRUISER


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