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Dodge W250

I have just purchased my First Diesel Rig... it is a '92 Dodge W250 4x4  with a Cummins Diesel engine..

'92 Dodge W250 4x4
Standard Cab
Engine: Cummins
Tranny: Getrag
Transfer case: NP205
axles: Front 60, Rear 70 with 4.10 Gears
Tires: 33x12.50r16.5 BFG A/T

To see pics and progress follow links below

Project 1
Was to purchase this truck and get it home :)
Well when I bought this truck it needed some lovin'.. So I here is a list of things I know I had to fix...Power Steering, Master Cylinder, Oil leaks, Tranny sticks in 5th gear,  Engine fuel cuts off when it wants to, interior shot, bed destroyed, ect.. and YES I still bought the truck  :)

Project 2
I ordered a bunch of parts and go to work.. I replaced... The Power steering pump, Master cylinder, air filter, hoses, changed oil, tranny fluid.. and what would ya know the Tranny does not stick in 5th anymore...

Project 3
Put on my old camper shell from my chevy and I was amazed it fits :)
and this little bit of bling I am sure gave me an  extra 20HP

Project 4
Well the inside of the cab need a face lift so we fixed the rusted floor, painted the interior black made new seat brackets and add bucket seat :)

Project 5
Well had some time so I decided to start cleaning up outside of truck..


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